myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan Group Buy - Heatran

Okay, I know I put up a GA for this this morning but ive managed to find it cheaper, so Im going to delete the post for the auction and get people to claim instead. Trust me, it works out much cheaper this way and its a definate win situation here. ^__^

I will be claiming the Shinx line and spideyroxas will be claiming the Magmar line!

The two people who had bids on the auction will get first chance grabs at the lines they were bidding on, so unless I dont hear back from them in a couple days they will be up again for grabs!
These will cost $10.50, then you just have to pay shipping from me to you, which, only works out at around $3!
So lets get this on the road ^__^
Tags: heatran, zukan
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