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MARCH GETS! GRAIL ARRIVAL! (A bit image heavy)

Hello community, I hope you are all doing well!

I have been trying to hold off on this post until all my new items arrived, but a few of them have been delayed. =\  This has been an amazing month for my collection, including the arrival of my first main collection grail! Without further ado, I give you my March gets!

What could this grail be?

I will start off with my miscellaneous collection. I will site the people in order who sold me the items as I go. =)

#1. UFO Unown Plush

I got this little guy from 
glaceon4444 I wish they made these in all the Unown forms, it would be amazing!

#2. Torterra Plush

roxiexcore found the same item on Y!J and offered to middle for me. =) She was a great
help and even included some sweets and some sketches. =)  I also got a few special gifts from her also! ^.^
(see 3 and 4 bellow)

#'s 3 and 4. Manaphy Plush and Charmander Friend Plush

Thanks again for your kindness and help! =)

#5. Shadow Lugia Pokedoll

After searching eBay and only finding bootlegs, and not seeing any on here for awhile, I had just about given up on
finding this plush. Not even a day after that decision,
shiningraikou posted this. I bought it and gave it a good home.

#6. TOMY Mew Plush

I found this little guy on eBay. I have one like him and it just didn't seem right to leave him on there. You see, he was a bit
damaged.... The pupils in its eyes were gone, and I fixed it. =) I compared it to my first one, as well as my girlfriends, and
I think I did a good job. =)

Now, onto my Articuno Collection, and my first grail!

And my grail is........

#1. Articuno Loonakit Plush

This is my first custom plush, as well as my first grail. This is a Loonakit plush, created by  the talented bladespark 
. I am in awe of its beauty and detail. ^.^ Also, it is bigger than I had expected.

Thank you very much for an amazing plush! =)

#2. Three Articuno Straps

I found the left strap on Y!J and roxiexcore offered to middle for me. It shipped with Torterra and she also included
the straps on the right. =) Thank you very much for all the help! =)

#3. Silver Articuno Coin (mint)

I ordered this coin from
0mastar . Thank you, it is a nice addition to my collection.

#4. Articuno Swing keychain

I searched around for this item for awhile. I found it fairly easily after I joined the community. Thanks to happyjolteon for this. =)

#5. Articuno Ice Beam Kid/ BK Plush

I really love this kid. The post is just perfect. I also picked up this BK plush.

#6 Articuno Shirt

By neonr0se , thank you for this amazing shirt.

#7. Articuno Block Art Necklace

I am always on the look out for unique and custom items. I found this one day on eBay and for some reason I bought it. I got this as more of a collection piece since I knew I would never wear it. The block is solid and nicely made, but the necklace is put together in a rather "sloppy" way? I'm not sure if it was worth it, but it makes a decent collection piece if anything. =p

#8. Jap. TOMY Articuno model

This item arrived today. I found it on eBay. It was meant to be new in box, but you can tell it has been opened before. The box arrived in rather shabby shape, but it's okay, I will go ahead and build it. =)

My Articuno collection so far. =)

Last but not least, I have some art by my amazing girlfriend. She found the pictures online but re-made them herself. =)


I am still waiting on a few things to arrive, but I will put them in my next update. Thank you for viewing! =)

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