poprock_grey (poprock_grey) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Awesome pokes for offer


Oh google, how I love you.
Shipping is 2.75$-5.00$ in the USA and 3.75$-6.50 to international besides Australia. (AU will be 5.00$-9.00$)
I AM A SLOW SHIPPER. SLOW SLOW SLOW SHIPPER. You WILL get your items, but may take a bit longer.
Payment is needed within 24 hours, and if not received, negative feedback WILL be given.
I can do holds for a few days, but no longer than half a week.
Sadly, not accepting trades ATM.

If you click a picture, it enlarges for easier viewing.

Please make your own threads for the pokes. If a thread is made, please reply in the corresponding thread!

Auctions end 4/4/11 at 11:59 pm EST

More pokes at 2$ can be found here: 2$ pokes and others sales!

Grass pokes! Please start at 3$ each
Turtwig, treeko, venasaur dark x2, venasaur light x2, bulbasaur, scyther

Fire pokes! Please start at 3$ each
Cyndaquil, charmander, charmeleon, infernape, ponyta, rapidash

Water pokes. Please start at 3$
totodile, mudkip, marshtomp, swampert, wartortle x2, blastoise, winking mantyke, dark weird lapras

Electric pokes. Please start at 6$
Luxray, raichu, electivire

Random pokes.
pigeotto x2, sneale, metagross start at 3$
Dragonites start at 6$ each

Clear pokes. Starts at 3$ each
Hitmonlee, slowbro, clefairy, rhydon, donphan, wailmer

Damaged clear pokes. Rhydon, kangashkan
Start at 1$

Legendary pokes. Start at 3$
Regirock, jirachi, giratina, rayquaza x2

Legend birds start at 6$ each
Lugia x2, zapdos, ho-oh normal, ho-oh attack.

Flareon starts at 6$
Custom shiny repaint espeon... start at 8?


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