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super multipurpose post!

I need more cactuses in my life, so if anyone have anything cacnea related that isn't flat let me know <3 (customs welcomed, tho im not sure I have enough cash for that, but i'd still like to know who would make one and at wich price).

And next in my multipurpose post: Funny bootleg TCG (image heavy) and some of my custom work progress~

Well I went to a drugstore today and I was schoked cause they were selling TCG boosters at a really cheap price (last time I bought one of those it was years and years ago so I assumed it was mega cheap) so I bought one and I was all happy  about it. Since they look pretty good.
But then I bought a couple more, just to goof around (I actually thought it'd a cool find if they were legit).
And when I opened the other two boosters it all showed, the rare rating is totally random to the point I got a RARE HOPIP! like wtf..

Anyways, I wanted to share these with you guys, since some of them are funny, here you have some pics of the boosters:

The holos I got, wich are random:

And then the LOL ones, sorry if the pics are crappy I did my best >_>

RARE Hopip, it's really hard to see ad couldn't take a better pic but it has the star sign on the bottom x)

LOL kabutops..

Annnnnd lololololol Sugimori x3

That's it for my bootleg experience...I don't think I'll buy more of those xDD;
And now, I wanted to show you guys some of the custom plush work I've done or im working on. Remember I DO NOT have sales permission yet, so this is only to raise interest and see what you guys think or what would you like to see done in my style.

I've experimenting with bell plushes, and I did these so far. Constructive critisism or advices highly apreciated :)

Pics resized, you can see more here:

And since I've been pretty down lately, mostly with my plush work (it's getting really hard to start and get to it) I decided to try a way to cheer myself up. And I came up with a Monthly Self Challenge to do something out of normal.
And my first pick for these challenges was...HUGE magikarp plushie-pillow.
This is my second WIP pic, the first one got lost somewhere in my pc. This one has most of the hard stuff sewn already on both sides. Im pretty proud so far~
I'd also would like to know what you think it'd suit these kind of challenges. I love making pokemon plushies outta anything else so I'd like to know your suggestions! ^--^
(and btw, my other giant plush idea was Starmie, but figured magikarp would be more fun design wise )

He's measuring 26" long and 19" tall right now, it'll be a it more with tail and fins~
And it's completely being sewn by hand since I do not own a sewing machine (or know how to use one)..

Anyways I think that is all :P
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