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custom charms (again)

As of the day before yesterday, all orders from my post in February have been finished and shipped! (aside from Allinia, who I'm talking to by PM)
*Some people, though, commented asking for something, but didn't reply after I gave them a quote. I forgot to do reminder posts for these people and didn't notice until now, my bad. Here's a list of everyone whose order has been shipped. If you think you should be on this list, but you're not, let me know.

spideyroxas, kamikaze87, jedi_amara, francis, terryrose, straydogstarbck, gappamaki, ottershark, gabrielvalient, eternal_rena, hibikitikibi, winter_sonata1, flag, graptakular, citrus_knight, thunderwolfcat, noxxbunny, spiralgenerator, shastina4ever, blackjackrocket, agkelikos, aburamechan, meowllz, KatcheeCricket, ivan_rathe, chatsy, mizu_kanon
Oh, and as some of you noticed I improved my shipping method and now use bubble mailers for every order. Hopefully we won't see as many problems with the post through me anymore ^^;

Onto the charms! I'm not taking commissions (new designs) this month, but I've added a few new designs yesterday, and maybe even a lot more since the last time you looked c:

And there are still $1, pre-printed charms for this post! Come in the cut to see what's available cheap!

Also, my friend gave me some of her keychains to sell/get rid of. The only Pokemon ones left are of Falkner and Pidgey, and Flint and Flareon, but there are some other things available as well.


-Paypal ONLY
-$1.50 shipping on any order anywhere c:
-I'll print any design I've drawn before (see my gallery) for $3 each. (ono gallery annoyingly doesn't organize by date...)
-**Please specify if you want charm printed on rough or smooth plastic**! (Rough has a more unique look, charms are bigger and more durable. Smooth looks more professional and has darker colors, but grays and purples come out a little splotchy)

Other details

-Charms are printed on 1/8in. plastic (Rough charms are 2.5~3cm high, Smooth are 2~2.5cm) with a randomly chosen phonestrap
-Designs are water resistant, but not waterproof! Long exposure may cause colors to fade/bleed
-I ship on most weekdays, aside from Thursday. Please allow a few days to ship if I need to print your design.
-I might accept trades; I'm looking for small gen 5 merch, but nothing in particular. Show me your wares if you want.
-Feedback here

vv Some designs from my gallery that you can choose from. vv (Use the "search gallery" box to look for a certain Pokemon. "qt" is my code for charm designs, so keep that in when you search)

Pre-printed Charms
These are all $1 each!

Houndour, Garbodor, Slowpoke, man face Chikorita, Panty x2, Stocking x3, Latias, Cyndaquil, Zoroark, Zorua, Chikorita
Oshawott (all), Piplup, Leafeon


Only Leafeon are left
SOLD: Jolteon (all),  Vaporeon, Umbreon, Ninetales, snivy, oshawott, tepig, lucario, squirtle, flareon, eevee, rattata

Laminated Keychains
$2 each (all the money will go to my friend that made them, no worries.) There's only one Falkner, so claim him fast! Falkner's gone ono
(The staryu stickers are free. c:)

Here are better pictures of the actual designs. [ x ] [ x ] The non-pokemon ones are also available, just ask. c:
SOLD OUT: Falkner

On another note, I haven't been able to buy new merch for so long ;u; I feel sort of lame for posting here every month, but not ever really buying anything, but I just haven't had the spare money lately... Next month too, I'll need to save up a lot.
SO, so I feel less guilty, I might take trades this month. I'm looking just for small gen 5 merch, like kids, keychains/phonestraps (especially metal ones), or figures. If you want to trade, show me what you have. But, I really need to get some money in now and next month, so I'm sorry if I don't want anything you post...

EDIT: Ah, I lost track of time making this... I have to get off now, but I'll get back to everyone in the morning or after school (in about 13 hours) Thank you~ :'0
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