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intro post!

 hey pkmncollectors! ive been around for a while (formerly bakphoon ) and in all the time of being here ive never made an intro post! which is just rude of me so here is a proper one

my name is ripley! ill answer to ripley/rip or bakphoon or dave. ive been a fan of pokemon since r/g and cant see myself not being a fan anytime soon! (which is probably true for everyone here heh)

ho-oh is my main collection with my other collections being the cyndaquil line zoroark and skymin
now enough of my awkward banter its picture time!!

oh boy its a photo of my entire collection on this one measly shelf oops
lets look CLOSER

burds!! here we have the hgss boxes as a sort of makeshift backdrop, both kids, the monster collection+ figure and a jakks figure i lost the peg for (oops) so now its sitting on my cartridge of gold, and of course i cant forget the armada magnet and pan sticker back there too!
quils get out of here its not your turn yet
oh boy oh boy my cyndie line stuffs! the hgss tcg tin with typhlosion on it and the ember spark deck seem to hog all the room here :( but i also have the cyndaquil jakks figure and kid kind of hanging out on them! by the kid is a japanese mystery dungeon pin featuring cyndaquil and it is so cute im sorry for taking an awful picture of it
stuck to the tcg tin are the cyndaquil and typhlosion staks and standing up on it is the typhlosion krak
i also have.... whatever that weird card is?? in the background there idk but its cool
most of these were gifts from tamago226 because shes a sweetheart!! ♥
she gave me at least 7 of those little shopro figures there, the kid, the frisbee and the drawstring bag!! *u*
the dppt card binder (skymin is on the back so i had to) and american mystery dungeon plush were bought by me though
also zoroark zukan (oh man my zoroark collection is so sad)
not pictured: the japanese zoroark pokedoll because he was in my bag at the time :( but i assure you he is the cutest and softest!
old photos are old

well umm i think thats it!! ill go back into lurking now haha ;u; <3
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