timelord (zombies_bite) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time; no post!

I've been lurking, not so much posting since I'm tempted to always buy things. For those who remember me: sup? for those who don't know me: hey there!

Anyways, I figured this would be a good place to ask since you guys are the know-all of know-all in regards to Pokemon merch. Basically, I was browsing YJA! and I won a lot since there were a few things I was wanting and I ended up with a few things that I don't need/collect and I don't know a great deal about them and was trying to think up a good way to price them (since I don't like overpricing things).

It's basically some lottery items (I believe) and some random goodies.

If anyone could help me identify more about them and what I should be pricing them at, please do let me know as it would be a great deal of help.

I'd hopefully like to avoid ebay as much as possible as they're starting to really upcharge everything. I'm pretty sure I should still have sales permission here (correct me if I'm wrong at all, mods - I know I haven't posted in a while since the lovely, massive SMJ project, haha) so if you're at all interested in anything as well, I'd be more than happy to work out something with you as I'd love to see the stuff stay within the Pokemon community.

Thank you!

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