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Many things...

 Everyone who commissioned ACEOs off of me; just letting you know that they're finished. Scanning and posting them when I go back home this weekend so I'll send a round of PMs then with your scans. Also I should be doing a collection update around Easter. Taking home a biiig box of all my Pokemon things Friday so I can set everything up on a shelf back at home.
It's my birthday on Friday so I'm going to be getting some more money, yay! If anyone has anything with Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Politoed or Kecleon on PM me or comment! I may be interested in buying them after this weekend.

Anyways, trying to get rid of all the bits and bobs sitting around my Uni room so I've set up a small sales post under the cut. Many trading cards.

Also custom laminated charms if anyone is interested~

-Shipping is from the UK
-Payment is needed 24 hours after giving a price
-Not currently accepting trades
-Recieved sales permission 01/01/11 from denkimouse


Small Piplup Shopper- $1
Porygon BK Card- $2
Feebas Chou Get MIP- $2

Vileplume Pencil Sharpener- $3
Bonsly Figure- $1
Mantyke Figure- $1
Bidoof Figure- $1

Chimchar Reversible Pokeball Plush- $2
Turtwig Reversible Pokeball Plush- $2

Porygon-Z Great Encounters- $1
Porygon-Z Lv.X- $8
Porygon-Z Triumphant- $1
Double Colourless Energy- $2

Everything else for 50c.
(Clefable, Xatu, Ursaring, Porygon, Tangrowth, Chikorita, Vespiquen)

Porygon-Z G Rev Holo- $1
Palkia Rev Holo- $1
Everything else 50c.
(Snubbull, Porygon, Eevee, Beldum, Forretress, Donphan, Relicanth, Hitmontop, Starmie, Drifloon)

Porygon-Z G- $1
Wartortle- $1
Ponyta Cardass- $3
Raichu Cardass- $3

Everything else 50c.
(Vaporeon, Kirlia, Seviper, Combusken, Torkoal, Abra, Slowking, Exeggutor, Exeggcute)

Porygon Vending Machine- $1
Porygon Great Encounters- $1
Cool Porygon- $3
Porygon2- $1
Porygon-Z G- $2
Porygon-Z Triumphant- $2
Porygon-Z DP-Promo- $3

Swoobat Charm- $3
Zorua Charm- $3
Scraggy Charm- $3

If you'd like to order anything from the picture below they'd be $3 each. If you'd like a custom charm they'd be $5 each.

Tags: chimchar, porygon, sales, turtwig

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