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More Collection Stuff, Yay!

My mailbox was super happy today!~

Good old secret box!  Let's see what's inside...!~~

Before we get to the wonderful secrets of secretdom, I managed to pull a few other things out of hiding in my lovely room :3

Well, these two actually weren't in hiding...I just kept forgetting to take pictures of them! xD Darkrai and Cresselia are some of my favorite Pokemon so I was really happy when I saw the jumbo card set in Target!  I saw the Christmas ornaments at K-Mart last year, my mom bought them for me because they were the last ones :3

I posted a pic in my last entry with a Pikachu eraser and a Budew that came from an eraser I had used.  While Chimchar is still hiding around (silly monkey x3) I do have my Cranidos and Pachirisu ones to share with you! :D

And here's a Pokemon Ranger:  Shadows of Almia poster from Nintendo Power magazine.  The back is a large image of Almia.  I'm gonna be digging through my older Nintendo Powers looking for stickers and Genji's Rescue Team issues later x3

This is the Ho-oh preorder figure and adorable little mini-cards I got from ravestars85 :D He is sitting on one of the pamphlets I got from the 2010 World Championship Decks.  Soon he shall be happy with Lugia, Giratina, and Arceus Q-Q Such a happy family~

Now...onto what I got just today! :D First off, whatever could have been in those secret boxes?!!...

Pokemon Cooking Club hot plates!!!11  They are sooooooooo cute! <3 I can't wait til I get a place so I can hang them!!

I also got another sweet surprise!

Arceus shitajiki!! <3 I was so glad to see that it was pretty big in size, and the seller even threw in cute stickers!  I love stickers QQ

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D
Tags: arceus, chimchar, cranidos, cresselia, darkrai, ho-oh, pachirisu, pichu, pikachu, piplup, shaymin, turtwig

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