Alexandra (xxxandra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Butterfree & Tomys

Hey guys~

Firstly, there are a couple things I have been trying to hunt down for my mom for almost a year now, and I always miss them. D:

 I know it's probably a long shot, but does anyone have the PINK and regular Butterfree Kids or the Butterfree Johto dex charm?

Secondly, I've found someone near by that is selling "hundreds of  Pokemon figures". He says they are all out of package but in good condition, and that they are the "old" Pokemon. They way he makes it sound gives me the impression that he is talking about Tomy figures. I'm waiting on pictures from him, and am going to be going to his house later this week to buy some for myself.

I remember seeing a post around a year ago talking about rare Tomys. Does anyone know which Tomys are hard to find and that I should pick up to sell? Or are there any Tomys anyone has been looking for but unable to find that I can see if he has?

And finally, I have a little extra spending money. I'm interested in Pikachu Plamos, 5th Gen merch, and small customs. Show me whatcha got! :D
Tags: butterfree, figures, gen5, kids, pikachu, tomy, wanted

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