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Karoia GA Reminder & Tyrani_zard GA is in!

Reminder for the Huge Karoia GA. Ends on Friday, April 1st! Many things are still bidless or at really low bids including these Eeveelution clear files!

Click here or the picture to go!

In other news, the Tyrani_zard GA is in!

Spreadsheet is here;
Please send all payments to crayonflames{@}yahoo{.}com (remove brackets) with your username + GA title in the message section, thank you! These totals are for bubble mailers, if you would like a box instead let me know and I'll re-calculate.

These will get mailed asap! People with the bigger plush, I need to go get some bubble mailers for yours, will go out next week at the latest.

If you're participating in the Kaoria GA and would like to combine shipping, please let me know! Also for those that say 'combined with Unkownrevenge GA', I hadn't gotten your items yet and thought it'd save you guys some money.

And for those of you wondering about shipping status on the Bottlecap & Unkownrevenge GA;

Most of the packages with the exception of just a few have been sent out. Those that aren't out already will be sent later this week.

Still missing payments from quite a few people for both, you can see the full posts here; Unknownrevenge and here; Bottlecap
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