Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush GA payment 1 due! Plusle pokedoll fig auction reminder!

 Hey guys! This GA here...

was WON! And boy are you all in for a treat where discounts are concerned...

so, turns out that domestic shipping in Japan was FREE! As well as that, we won the lot for a bargainlicious $50!! So AMAZING discounts all round!

Spreadsheet is HERE!!! CLICK ME PLS

What you owe is in the BLUE COLUMN

Please send payments to your_master_is_here[@]btinternet.com (remove the brackets!)

Please mark payment as PLUSH GA PAYMENT 1 along with your username and comment here when youre done! I will then check you off the list. Thanks guys!

and secondly, just a remider that THIS guy will be ending in a day or two...


and all these GA leftovers...

are now open to ALL member s of the comm! Come visit if you havent taken a look!

(Click me!)

For those waiting on a shipping charge for the pokedoll GA, many apologies1 I'm waiting on shipping supplies and will post the totals up as soon as possible <3 Thanks for your partience!

To members of that GA who havent already; PLEASE let me know if you want your items shipped in their boxes or not! Those who dont contact me in the next few days will be PM's, as I'm still missing a lot of responses! Thank you!

Thats all for now guys, and sorry for the boring post! I'll have a pretty big collection update planned soon...until then, adios! :D

Tags: group auction, sales

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