Eidolon_Nights (eidolon_nights) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Eidolon's Humble Collection

So I have finally gotten around to taking pics of my whole collection! :D Feel free to come and take a look!

First off, my wall stuffs

The diamond and pearl one also changes between dialga and palkia


My figures and kids

My boyfriend got me that Osawott from Japan Town Mall :3   Annnnd as you can see, my Dratini and Vaporeon kids are not really kids. I got them from a thrift store. XD

Game stuffs
My purdy DSI <3

Some more games and guides

Cards! This is what I REALLY collect! I have been collecting for a while, if I had moneyz I would have waaaay more of them XD
I collect legendary pkmn and movie pkmn that aren't reaaallllly legendaries. I also collect one of every starter pkmn and any pkmn I really like. But I am mainly actively searching for all the eeveelution cards. As you can see I am still missing some, got any that I need? Let me know, I have trades (linked at the bottom) :3



And onto my plushies/other

Awww! Giritina and Jirachi look so adorable! <3 I got the Jirachi from ebay (Hong Kong) so pretty sure it's a sexy booty.

Jirachi patch! And my one and only TCG badge I got XD    AND MY PINS! <3
And don't forget to check out my trades/sales here: http://eidolon-nights.livejournal.com/8119.html
nd my wants here: http://eidolon-nights.livejournal.com/10550.html
Also if you have something I want but I have nothing you want check out my commission page on my personal LJ (just sketches/pen&ink)

Thanks for taking a look! <3

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