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Got My Cho Get Daizen In The Mail! ^_^

I got my figures in the mail Friday! ^_^ They are so tiny. =3 

Here's a recap of the people who have put reservations on certain Pokemon:

Buneary: warandromance
Meowth: meowthcollector
Sudowoodo: bluetip_echelon

Happiny and Tortera are still up for grabs. All I need to do is buy some shipping envelopes. I will be shipping everything the day after I receive payment. In other words, I will hold the figures for everyone if there is an issue with paying. I really don't mind waiting. Your figures will be kept safe in the bag they came in; unopened and untouched. :) Just drop me a line whenever you can pay. As an added reminder, the figures are $1.50 + $1 shipping.

Guess what REALLY sucked Friday evening in regards to these figures?! I misplaced the Gallade one! T___T I swear, I recall putting it in the car when I was leaving to see my bf. I looked high and low for it, but to no avail. I later went home and searched the places I remember it being, but still couldn't find it. @_@ I, honestly, don't know what happened. I'm gonna keep looking for it. Knowing my luck, it's probably somewhere REALLY obvious. ^^;;

Anyway, this post was just a heads-up on me getting my figures. You can pay now or whenever you can. No rush or pressure. ^_^
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