"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants Charizard Pokedoll and shiny Gyarados plush to complete collection :D

 I am currently bidding on a Shiny Gyarados plush. I was wondering if anybody else has one for sale so I know if I need to bid a ridiculous amount for this one if it goes up anymore? Of course my current offer still stands on the current buyers auction (I say this to clarify that I am not breaking any rules) but I can't go up much more. ='-(
Also looking for Charizard Pokedoll :) Or better- a Charizard UFO plush
With three more plush my collection for the year is done! Yippeeee!!!

Also, I got a whole bunch of new pokedolls and Canvas plush I hope to post a pic soon (waiting for some packages).

SELLERS!!! Thank you so much to all the kind sellers on Pokemon Collectors; You have burnt a whole in my wallet but I cant help but love ya! Maybe we should blame the pokedolls for my soon to come brokeness- but I mean common, look at their little faces.
You all have had such reasonable prices and deals! Thanks so much for helping me to complete almost my entire my wants list! 3 more to go and a post soon!

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