Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales + randomly being excited

Due to an unexpected job offer and other unpredictable hurries, I haven't had time to ship out the latest purchases yet. Sorry for the delay. ^^' Anyway, here's another sales plug, so if someone still wants something, I can ship everything out next week! :3
And I promise, next time I post a sales plug there will be HUGE updates~

There are still a couple of people who haven't paid for the auctions they won. I sent you PMs. On the other hand, quite many packages have already found their new owners and that makes me very happy. ^^ I've been so nervous about my first sales, international shipping is always so scary... But I'm glad everything's turning out okay. Please remember to leave me feedback or at least inform me that the stuff arrived, so that I won't worry too much ^^'

Slightly off topic, but about that job I mentioned... So I spent three days at a daycare. I found a few Pokemon figures there and it was just so full of win teaching their names to the kids :D "This is Charmeleon, it can breathe fire, and this is Latias, Latias can fly" and then watching a 3-year-old boy fly around with Latias <3 Kids are so cute.

Also, I just have to share this:

Happy Raichu is happy! ^___^ So after my final exams I finally bought White. I started playing yesterday with Snivy and I'm so excited! It's so pretty and I love the "new item/badge acquired" animations. And I'm already fed up with Patrats jumping out of every single patch of grass xD I also started planning the main characted trio cosplay for this spring with my friends. My best friend would make a perfect Bianca, they're both just as cute and scatterbrained. ^^

Last but not least, a small sneak peak of what I will get very soon:

And that's only part of it. So, there are four boxes of Noppin stuff on their way to me at the moment. FCS figures, stampers, mini models, Battrio coins, plushies (Which include at least legendary dog trio, Arceus, Palkia and many others) and other random stuff, gosh, I don't even know about everything that's inside those boxes, I only know it weighs almost 20 pounds altogether o____o Just imagine the shipping costs. No, I don't want to think about them. x3 I really hope it was worth it... But at least there are many Raichus and Mews <3 So, look forward to both a collection update and a huge clear-out sales post! :D The first and the biggest box is actually at the post office already, I'll go pick it up as soon as I get back home next week... I cant wait! ^___^

Sorry for this post being so random, and thanks for reading! ^^'

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