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THINGS! An assorted update

I had quite a lovely box arrive this morning. It was a much needed box, having had a bad week and it was topped off with a rather nasty injury the night prior. Inside was a glorious assortment of goods from the lovely denkimouse. S'all under the cut! Haven't done an update here in a while, so it's a bit all over the place.

Firstly: Clear Pato!! I'd been anxiously awaiting this little guys release, so it was mega-awesome to finally get him. I have a thing for smokey-clears. My clear Starly and co. are a testament to that.

My flock has grown considerably. Pattz is getting a lot of merch here and there. Lots of plush, lots of little figures. I have a huge softspot for pigeons, so I love being able to hoard these guys.

I got a nice assortment of cards! The Battle Strength Decks came out in Japan on the 18th, and I quickly snapped up a set. I've got scans of all three decks up on my collection site: collectorviper (if anyone would like a better look at what came in the decks.)

These guys are the major focus of the decks, though. Utterly stunning to see this glass holo make it back to the Japanese TCG. They're utterly stunning.

I also got these two finally. This Ho-Oh and Lugia pair are from the 2010 lotto which also featured the beasts as a prize. These two are one of two things that didn't come from denkimouse, instead I was given an offer to purchase them from heatrotomftw97 which I gladly snapped up.

Also finally got this Jumbo! From Gin's personal collection, passed on to me. I'm slowly trying to get what jumbo cards I'm missing, but the general list of missing cards when you collect cards on the scale I do is.. well. Huge.

However, I did tick an annoying one off that wants list! My partner triskitty nabbed this one up for me. Crystal Nidoking, from the e-Series set Wind From The Sea. The Japanese issue of this card has eluded me for a good 3 odd years now. Glad to finally have it, since it completes my set!

New Pokedolls! Wesker is as snooty as ever on the right there. I love these guys. They're such a gorgeous size, and so so cuddly. I've had Wesker wrapped around my arm most of the day.

And the newest dolls: Sheva, Rebecca, and KuKu.

New in production art, a gorgeous assortment of birds from BW. Two key sheets for Pato and Hato with all different poses. I haven't scanned them yet, but they're a wonderful addition to the growing collection of production art and cels I've got. I have a thousand odd settei I need to scan in sometime, oy vey.

This is my face at the idea of scanning that many sheets.

I've had a fairly decent reorganisation of my Reshiram and Zekrom collection! With a planty addition now adorning their area (a lovely Chrysanthemum which was a gift from my mother) they had to shift their big wing, big butt selves around.

Two of the newest additions include the new Overdrive Tomy MC figures.

And the Queen of Herp Derp. This is the chuppa figure, and when Gin got it she couldn't stop laughing. HER LIPSTICK AND EYELINER: IT KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

Finally, a little Pory2 addition. This is the pop action jakks pokeball, which ambertdd picked up for me :)

Thanks for looking!
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