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Quick Commissions/Direct Sales

Hey all! Making a post to see if there are any interest for these over here.
1:1 Scale, posable Joltik plush! Made out of fabulously soft Ultra Cuddle and fleece.

I've done a shiny and a regular Joltik so far, the shiny being a commission by darkangellilith 

+ Each Joltik is made with an Ultra Cuddle body and Fleece eyes and claws. It may not look it, but the shiny joltik DOES have a light purple for the claws and eyes. I have the dark blue seen on the regular Joltik, but also have a lighter blue available. You can see that one on this here.
+ The limbs are strung together through the body, so they are able to spin and be posed. Whether you like your Joltik lying down, standing up, suckling your outlets, or riding along, they're able to do it!

Ordering Info:
+ Each Joltik is $30 shipped, and an additional $27 for any else ordered at the time. All Joltik come with a Tracking number, so the post doesn't have to keep you unnerved and from eating your berries.
+ After we discuss your purchase or commission, I'll get to work on your little spider-tick. Whatever you want, you've got it! Want a purple joltik with green eyes and claws? Fine by me. Any suggestions or custom things you want, shoot them past me, near nothing is too wild.
+ After everything is set in stone, please send your total to ThisUsernameFails @ Gmail.com . I am only accepting Paypal, but ship worldwide.

Personal Memo(s):
I have a few "friend of a friend" type commissions to be done, but since I haven't received payment for those, these are first come first serve. I am sticking to what I am saying now, and after the first sells, your ordered joltik will take NO LONGER than a week to be shipped out. I am not going to be lenient with myself here, and I will keep these coming in a timely manner.

Tags: custom, gen5, joltik, plush, sales
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