timelord (zombies_bite) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction! Skymin Lotto figure.

eternal_rena gave me the fantastic idea of doing an auction for the Skymin lotto figure. So, here we go:

Item information:

- 2008 Skymin Lotto Figure
- Box is slightly faded/has minor wear (on the corners there) just due to being in storage.
- The figure itself is in great shape!

*coke can = size reference; it's a pretty massive box/figure. 2 coke cans don't even reach both sides across the top.

General Auction Information:

- All community rules apply; no sniping, kiddos!
- Auction will end April 4nd at 9:30 PM EDT/Eastern Time Zone (North Carolina); it's currently 1:30 PM.
- I ship from the US (Youngsville, NC, 27596)
- Domestic shipping ranges per zipcode (parcel or priority) and international packages can be shipped first class, priority, or EMS (whatever you prefer). US packages will include delivery confirmation free of charge. International orders: first class packages will be PM'd their customs ID information, priority and EMS will be PM'd their tracking information.
- If you're needing feedback to verify anything, I'm more than happy to provide you with feedback (either the feedback I have on here already or my ebay feedback).

On a side note, I plan to donate 60% of the final price to the cat rescue I volunteer at; we're really needing some new flea/tick preventative.

FINISHED! Auction closed!

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