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Future Commissions? & Shipping Update!

Hey everyone this post is just to see if people would be interested in commissions from me... I have a few preview ones from the gifts i'm giving out with my first sales post! I'm gonna start small with little laminated full body Pokemon pictures... i'll be trying to draw them in a style that suits me, rather than ripping off other artists/official art... I'm not all that great at drawing Pokemon as it's not something i've generally done since i was a kid, But i'll try my best at any Pokemon you want!

So check the Cut for some previews!

Now the Pokemon i've drawn are ones people said where there favourite Pokemon. So it wasn't my choice on what to draw... some i struggled with but they turned out okay!

These ones are for rypeltajaroll, She told me her favourite pokemon was Vulpix.. So i did a sitting & sleeping versions.. I like how she turned out.. Hope you like them!

These ones are for ladyurja, Snivy line is what was asked and since i'm also a fan of their line i was happy to do this... I think Serperior turned out a little naff.. but i tried..

These ones are for risha_moon, These are some of the favourites i was told.. Mew and Minun are examples of my style that i'd be using.. more cartoon than anything else

These ones are for leafeon_420, Ninjask... Never drawn and barley noticed in anything before... But i actually really enjoyed it! Yay for underloved obscure Pokemon!

These ones are for jessie_grace_89, Venusaur was another i've never drawn before... sorry if it turned out rubbish ;3;

These are for pancakemonkey, Shinx & SMUGAWOTT!! XD i couldn't resist giving him the attitude.. since he seems so sweet in everything else =P

And finally these are for roxiecore, Okay i never ment to draw so many for you, It just happened since you had so many favourites i thought would be great to draw.. Hope you like!

Now some of you have more picks than others.. but its not a case of favourite people.. it's just the fact i didnt notice and some of you have more extra things like TCG and stuff. I hope you all like and let me know what you think!

Well if anyone could let me know if i should bother doing these as Commissions let me know!

Also look who arrived in the mail today! He's at my friends but she's dropping him off to me tonight! XDDD

He'll go perfect with my talking Cyndaquil.. Look out for my Collection update soon!

Thanks for reading guys!
Tags: blaziken, eevee, gizamimi pichu, houndoom, lucario, luxray, minun, ninjask, oshawott, snivy
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