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Multipurpose Post

Look what finally arrived today! Something I've been trying to get my mits on since I joined this community!

She's from that set with the Cyndaquil, Chicorita, Tododile and Pikachu, and shes so cute n soft, it was so good receiving her today >3<!

I also got my Mew Walky the other day, I was so lucky to spot it on here (ignore the amazing DERP FACE)

I will be posting a collection update within the next week, Ill be putting it all through my actual live journal cause I want to keep it all organised.

But this is a multipurpose post becaaaaaauuuuuse, I have a few questions regarding commisions, sales, a group buy and a wants list!

All info 

Firstly we will begin with my auctions, which end 6am UK time (click the link!)


A quick question on comissions,
would anybody be interested in a digital comission from me?
Im happy to draw anything, though I admit stuff like geodude and onix i beleive I will have trouble with, but heres some lines to a few examples. I can draw derpy/cute/normal, and possibly something all 'badass' if you wanted. (not yet finished) (outline only)

Also, like Said im doing a wants post, so please please please get in contact if you have any of this stuff and your willing to sell it to me, we can nogotiate a price!

my main priority at the moment iiiis:

Luxray UFO

I dont what I told myself I wasnt going to do, and that is start a Shinx-Luxray collection.
Id LOVE to own this guy so, please, help me get my mits on him ;3;

Either of these! With tags preferably!

Raikou HGSS johtodex charm
Your sick of me posting this right? :B

Tags: mew, sales
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