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Jakks Throw Pokeball Zoruas up for sale/offer!

I went to Wal-mart and found these little guys!

While I typically dislike being a middleman for Throw Pokeballs (too pricy for my liking + ridiculous bulky packaging), I went ahead and snagged them since I knew the community would appreciate them... and it ended up being worth it as they ended up checking out at $5.00 each (plus a little bit of tax, but I'm not complaining). 8D So I'm putting two of these up for direct sale at their normal shelf price (around $12.00) plus shipping, and the third one will be up for offers starting at $10.00 and ending Friday at 6:00 PM CST in case anyone misses out on the first two!

The only catch is that these will only be open to people outside of the USA and Canada! If nothing sells within 24 hours then I will open to US/Canada buyers, but I prefer to give priority to those who cannot normally buy Jakks products in their local stores. (though believe me, I know all about Jakks' awful distribution, even within the US...) In that occasion, shipping will, of course, cost less.

Shipping and handling fees (including packing materials) will be about $4.50 out of package (totalling $16.50 each); if you wish to have it shipped within its packaging, please keep in mind that it may cost anywhere up to $10 (if not a little bit more) as it is very bulky and I will have to specially buy a box to ship it in.

In short: two will be up for direct sale at $16.50 each (if out of package; within its package will cost much more), and the third will be up for offers (with a shipping & handling total in the range of $4.50, but may vary depending on the final price).

Please note that I will accept holds for up to 24 hours, but only if you are 100% committed to buying. I'd rather not have to sit on something for a while only for a possible transaction to be dropped, after all.

I'm also selling these foam pokeballs at $4.50 + shipping ($3 to the US, $3.50 anywhere else) each to anyone regardless of location! If you want all three pokeballs I'll happily combine shipping costs; or if you want to combine pokeballs with a Zorua, I can do that too. :D

If you have any questions (especially since I probably worded all of the above pretty awkwardly haha) please don't hesitate to ask~
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