couchpotatonet (couchpotatonet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA #2 - Tomy Figures - arrived

Check inside for your items & leftovers

Okay, some of the figures are in bad shape, but luckily for everyone but me, the claimed items all seem to be in pretty good condition.  I will warn you that EVERYTHING needs cleaning.

Also, the seller threw some extra stuff into the box, so that will be up for grabs along with some of the unclaimed items.

Blissey really needs cleaning, but it appears to be only dirt.

Now for the extras:

$.50 each to participants & $1 to everyone else.
Claimed: Furret, Squirtle, Koffing, Volbeat, Jigglypuff,

$.50 each to participants & $1 to everyone else. (Flareon sticker card is $1)

$.25 each

$1 each to participants & $2 to everyone else.
Claimed: 1 Metagross, James, Nidoking,

Get your claims in.  I will give the item to the first person who says they want it.  I am responding promptly to each request and a request for a shipping quote is not a claim.

I am leaving for the weekend tomorrow afternoon.  So, I will be PMing Payment #2 on Monday.
Tags: group auction
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