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Hello, I'm back and still as broke as ever! :D
And due to the severe lack in moneys, I have not been able to add anything new to my collection. So, as any decent person would do in my situation, I've resorted to peddling homemade goods! YAY

I only accept paypal
I will hold items, just ask!
I accept trades for Espeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon items. Just post what you'd like to trade. (I have 10+ feedback which can be seen here)
Post your offers/questions in this thread only, do not message me.

I will ship internationally
Post what you want to buy along with your zip code or country and I'll send you a shipping rate
All items are shipped from the USA
If you have a specific way you want your item shipped/packed, please be sure to tell me

Thank you!

Please note: My house is cat friendly, but everything is kept sealed in plastic containers and bags away from them.
Just be aware of this when you are buying from me. :)

Order a Custom

I will take custom orders for lots of different things as well as different kinds of pokemon.
I specialize in paintings, sculpture as well as jewelry. (includes earrings, cellphone lanyards and necklaces) I can do most anything, but if you're unsure about something just tell me what you want and I'll let you know if I can do it. :3
Showcased below is some stuff that I've done in the past, as well as some items currently for sale.

When ordering a custom, please specify the pokemon and type of art you are interested in as well as any details. I will then do a quick conceptual sketch for your approval. Once it has been approved I will begin work on the art, and when I am done I expect payment in full. Thank you.

Chubby Pokemon! - 12$
Custom Chubby Pokemon figures are "chubby"/simplified versions of Pokemon. Regular Chubs are only available in a sitting pose, but if you want me to do one in a specific pose I can. (but it will cost extra depending on complexity)

ACEO Cards - 16$
Custom ACEO cards measure 2 1/2 by 3 1/2" inches and come in a card sleeve. I use Watercolors and Acrylic on watercolor paper. I will do any Pokemon, to your specifications. :3
Art cards are the same size as Pokemon cards, so they will fit in regular card holders along with your other cards just fine. :)

Jewelry - Price Varies
The design featured on this set of earrings is a simple black and lavender Espeon motif, but I can easily paint detailed images to your specifications for custom orders. :) All jewelry comes with a custom painted backing.
Jewelry varies in price depending on what it is. Just describe what you want and I'll give you a price! Lanyards, necklaces and earrings are available.

Customs Currently For Sale

Umbreon Figure "Chub" - 18$
Sculpted from super sculpey, painted with several layers of acrylic and sealed with matte sealant. 1 1/2" inches tall.

Espeon "Chub" Figure - 9$
Sculpted from super sculpey, painted with several layers of acrylic and sealed with matte sealant. 1" inch tall.

Espeon ACEO - 14$

Umbreon ACEO - 13$

Simple Espeon Earrings - 5$
These earrings are made from recycled cardboard, sealed with acrylic sealant as well as 3 layers of paint. Comes with a custom painted backing to hold the earrings.

Thank you!
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