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A few questions and sales.

Hi everyone. How are you all today? I hope all is well. :3

Every since I joined this community last year I've been after a Paki Paki Lugia. When I made my very 1st post I was offered one brand new but it was for $100. At that time and this time as well, I can't afford to spend that much on a plush. ^_^; I mainly just want ot know how much do these guys run for? I suppose a brand new one would be worth $100 but I'm sure I'll want to hug and cuddle it when I get it so how about a loved one or one with a broken or a few broken joints? How much would it cost then? Then again it would probably be more worth my money to get a new one. What do you guys think? *I know Y!J is an option but I can't use it. X3* 

Also at my school we were thinking of starting an official Pokemon league (card and video game). Who exactly would we need to talk to or contact to get it started? If there is a website could you please link me. :3 

I also have some things for sale in my shop including a B&W artfolio, some plush, lots of stickers and a few cards. Please feel free to look around. :3

and to make this post less boring have a silly picture. 

Zoroarks are ganging up on BRS.  X3 
I'm still waiting on my friend to email me the pictures from the Black and White tour off his camera so I can post an update.  :/  X3 

Thanks for your time everyone and please enjoy thr rest of your day. :3

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