katcheecricket (katcheecricket) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lowered Sales~

So I currently have bubblemaiers (so many mailers WHOA)~ and am working on getting them all made out. I plan to ship everything from my sales out this weekend but I just wanted to go ahead and post my sales one more time before I ship stuff out this weekend @.@

Feel free to offer on any items that you'd like-- we're remodeling the house and I'd rather pack these guys up to be shipped out then pack them up to shove somewhere for my sales post XDD


I'm also still searching for a mudkip zukan. If anyone could sell me one my fiancee's birthday is zooming in and I'd like to get something mudkip that isn't already part of her collection (plus she's been gawking at the zukan for ages...)

OH HO- and expect my year to date collection of PHATTY whales post to be up this weekend :D Even if my one year on Pkmncollectors anniversary was like...two days ago <.< I was waiting for some merch to arrive before I posted XD

Thanks guys!
Tags: mudkip, plush, sales, zukan

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