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A new Update + Auctions

Heya all!

I got a cutie package with an adorable Emolga....


Looks pretty innocent right? XD

We went to our favorite frozen yogurt place tonight, and after seeing the cute episode with Emolga and her apples I had to take some pics of her trying to use her charm to win over some Fro Yo~!


Just one bite pwease? I luv blooberries~!


Blueberry Muffin flavor mmm my favorite, and apparantly hers as well!

This cutie came from ScarsofSunlight NYC run! Thank you so much :D I enjoy her a lot.

Also I wanted to say I have a couple things up on ebay~! A big lot of goodies I can't take with me, and my old Pokemon DS lite!

Taking down the links, cause some peeps are going to GA it~! Thanks!

Also a note: Most of my items went out on St. Patricks day, but I had to leave behind a few over seas packages (I had to get more international slips) and two items I was still hunting for boxes for. Unfortunatly I pulled my back really bad that same day picking up a box u__u It was so bad I could hardly move for mosst of the week. I'm finally getting back on my feet and the remainder of the items will be shipping out with these ebay items, sometime early next week <3

Thanks all, and if you are interested in bidding on the items I will take down my link.

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