the immortal (fishnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
the immortal

Baby's First Collection Post

So...I guess one could say this is an intro post :P But I've been around for a little while. I've just never really bothered to post but a couple of times asking for things.

Decided upon looking at my stuff today that I might as well. So let this be my first collection post! I am the Yami of the Whoo, but you can just call me Yami for short.

I actually hadn't cared very much about Pokemon in a LONG time until ROTOM ♥ came around, which I started collecting. A dangerous leap that has lead me to spending way too much money on stuff but whatevz! My other collection is the Pan-s, although Pansage obviously has quite a bit more stuff than either of the other two.


As you can see, I'm still working on getting all the little Rotom things. I'm still missing a few stamps and I only have a single keshipoke figure, but I'm trying, haha! I'm expecting more chous in soon, so I'm one step closer.

My monkeys! Despite what I have, I know I'm missing quite a bit, but all in good time. Makes me sad that I'm only missing the Pansage of the itty bitty rectangle stamps and everytime I see one, I've just barely missed it. I'm missing a few plush as well, and will only be missing more by the end of this month XD

My everything else with the exception of my cards, an Axew pokedoll, and a Mincinno PokeCen plush. My talky Snivy is like the pride and joy of this bunch XD I love that thing to death ♥

Yeah, I'm sorry it's not very interesting. Also, yes, some of my games are cheesy, leave me alone XDD
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