Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Around staks, never relax...

Good news guys!
We won the Pokémon Staks auction! :D
It got a little fierce there in the end, but since so many people reserved magnets, I went ahead and raised my high bid.

When I get the magnets, I'll divvy them up and send to you. If you haven't already sent me your address in the paypal note, you should do so by emailing me at
Be sure to include your username so I know who you are!

shesatiger, my apologies on waiting so long to tell you the total, my bad. I replied to your comment with your total, so I'd like that payment whenever you're able :)
invader_julie, you can just pay me whenever I deliver your magnets to you, since you're local. :)
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