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All Because of One Purple Psychic Pokemon

I'm a rather quiet sort of person in Real Life so I've never been too terribly great at things like introductions/talking about myself so please excuse the lateness (and any awkwardness) in my introductions post.

So I'm psychobreak and my strongest tie to Pokemon (and therefore this community full of Pokemon collectors!) is all because of this purple-colored Psychic guy over here:

I was a bit on the older side of things when Pokemon first came out and as a result, I was feeling out of place amongst the mostly-younger crowd and trying to figure out what to make of Pokemon while riding on the coattails of my younger sibling. Then came the first movie and with it came Mewtwo and well... the rest as people like to say, is history (which, if you are interested, can be read about HERE).

With that said, I love Pokemon in general but seem to have stronger attachments to the Pokemon from older generations. My collection, therefore, consists of mostly Generation I and II Pokemon with a sprinkling of Generation IV and the beginnings of Generation V.

I think I'm a bit of an odd collector at times; even though I have a lot of love for a lot of different Pokemon, it doesn't necessarily show when I do my collecting.

For example, Mewtwo is my main bad boy favorite and he also is my main collection. Despite him being my main collection, though, I have kept my collection fairly small.

That said, here's a somewhat current photo of part of my Mewtwo collection:

As for the rest of my collection... the rest of my collection is just everywhere!

From Mew to the Kingdra evolutionary line to Munchlax and Snorlax to Furret and Sentret to Celebi to Bulbasaur to Lapras to Skarmory to Scyther and Scizor to the Meganium evolutionary line to Snivy to Zekrom...

There's really no telling who or what might end up in my collection; if it catches my eye, in it might go! Flats or non-flats, it really doesn't matter!

As a related aside... I love collecting things in general and I've been a collector/hoarder/treasure hunter for the greater majority of my life. Stickers, shitajiki, clear files, and some artbooks comprise a good majority of my non-Pokemon flat items collection while figurines and action figures comprise a good majority of my non-flat items collection.

Going back to Pokemon, where I haven't really had a, "This is my grail!" moment, there are a few things that I have been interested in adding to my collection:

- DICE with Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra pictured on the dice faces
- TOMY FIGURE of Kingdra (that hopefully doesn't cost $15!)

Along with the one item I don't even know exists or not!

- DX TOMY FIGURE of Kingdra made of vinyl

Lots of rambling aside (especially if you read the other post I wrote), it's really awesome to find a place where Pokemon collectors of all stripes can come together and share and I hope to be able to contribute.

So hello to everyone from me and my purple Psychic Pokemon and hooray for all Pokemon! :)
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