knienke (knienke) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection complete! Plus more

I did it! It took me little over a year. My first generation Tomy figure collection is complete!!

These 2 were the hardest to get! It took the longest time but I did it =) I've caught them all!

Also.. other gets!

1/1 Eevee!!! The best plush in existence. I love it so much. It cost me a lot of money, it is the most expensive piece of my whole collection. But it was so worth it. <3

Flareon chibi stamps ^_^ blue and pink base!
Why do the eyes of these always look funny? I repainted the eyes of the one with the blue base.

And new Arcanine items! The 151 stamp and my first Arcanine kid figure.

And I have a question about these two Tomy Ditto:

I know the one on the left is legit. But how about the right one? It looks exactly the same except for the color. It is a little darker. What do you guys think?

And last but not least. I'm thinking about selling my two 1/1 play-by-play plushies.

Would there be any interest? Keep in mind shipping from the Netherlands is very high..

And!! I almost forgot, but I've been working on my website. It is not done yet, but there are individual pictures of all my Tomy's!
(No banner because I don't know how to make one ^_^")

Tags: arcanine, bulbasaur, eevee, flareon, squirtle, tomy
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