Tina Pratt (enshogirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tina Pratt

Sales! Plush, Kids, Zukan, Clear Files and more!

Sales include some leftover items from my last sales post with reduced prices as well as 10 of the PokeCenter Shopper Clear Files.

Sales Rules:
  • I accept Paypal ONLY and will ship worldwide. Shipping to the USA and Canada starts around $2.50.
  • Buyer is responsible for lost mail.
  • I am open to trades for items I am looking for:
    • Vaporeon Mini Cot
    • Clear Vaporeon Kids Figures (Attack Kid and Laying Down one)
    • Dugtrio Kid
    • Dugtrio Tomy Figure
    • Dugtrio Plush
    • Zadpos Retsuden Stamper
    • Clear Zapdos Kids Figures (closed feet and attack kid)
    • Would also be open for trades of the following Pokemon: Scraggy/Scrafty, Vulpix, Combee
  • I will not hold items. Please do not ask.
  • Do not haggle prices and do not ask for free shipping.
  • You have two days to send payment. After two days is up, I will put the item back for sale for others.
  • When asking for items, please be clear whether you are looking for just a quote or are purchasing the items.
  • When sending the paypal payment, please be sure to include your LJ username and a list of all the items you purchased. This helps make sure none of your items are missed in the packing process.

PokeCenter Shopper Clear Files:

Available: Minccino/Cinccino, Cubchoo, Darumaka/Darmanitan, Munna/Musharna, Tentacruel/Tentacool, Scizor/Scyther, Celebi, Zorua/Zoroark, Raikou, Machamp
Price: $6.00 ea


Entei Finger Puppet: SOLD!

Manaphy Finger Puppet: $1.00

Small Manaphy: $3.00

Lucario PokeDoll: SOLD!

Eevee PokeDoll: SOLD!

Dialga PokeDoll: SOLD!
Please Note: Dialga has a dark mark on his head.

Shimmery Big-Head Banpresto Dialga: $18.00

Jakks Large Dialga: $30.00


Available: Glaceon: SOLD!, Shellos East: SOLD!, Hands Up Manaphy: $2.00, Pelipper: $2.00, Onix: $2.00, Clear Porygon: $3.00, Luxio: 4.00, Riolu: $2.00, Guitar Meowth: SOLD!, Attack Entei: SOLD!, Entei: SOLD!


TFG Figures: Eevee SOLD!, Spearow (Is broken. Needs to be glued to base): SOLD!, Zangoose: SOLD!

Tiny Beat Up Rubber Onix: SOLD!

Manaphy Bottlecap Figure: $3.00

Manaphy Pearlescent Tomy: $4.00

Jakks Manaphy: $1.50

Lucario Attack Figure: $7.00

Jakks Deluxe Talking Lucario: SOLD!

Eevee Tomy Figure:$3.00

Shiftry: $1.00

Entei Poseable Figure: $3.00

Entei Launcher Figure: $1.00

Jakks Buizel: SOLD!


151 Stickers:
Available: Jolteon: $2.00, Eevee: $2.00, Flareon: $2.00

Amada Stickers:
Available: Rapidash: SOLD!, Pinsir: $1.00, Dratini: $1.00, Eevee: SOLD!

Amada Stickers:
Available: Venomoth: $1.00, Ponyta: SOLD!, Hitmonchan: $1.00, Pidgeot: $1.00

Amada Stickers:
Available: Voltorb: $1.00, Nidoran (m): SOLD!, Moltres: $1.00, Weedle: $1.00

Amada Stickers:
Available: Nidoking: $1.00, Golbat: $1.00, Krabby: SOLD!, Primeape: $1.00

Amada Stickers:
Available: Butterfree: $2.00, Electabuzz: $2.00, Golem: $1.00

Battle Scene Cards:
Available: Furret/Shiftry: $.50, Lucario/Drapion: SOLD!, Electavire/Lucario: SOLD!

Eevee Mystery Dungeon Folder: SOLD!
Please Note: Has a dent in the top right corner.


Retsuden Stampers:
Available: Buizel: SOLD!, Uxie: $1.00, Dialga: SOLD!, Palkia: $2.00, Bronzor: $.25, Trash Burmy: $.25

Ranger Puzzle: $.50

Manaphy Marble: $.25

Booty "Pokemon 3" Tin: SOLD!

Chansey Keychain: $.50
Note: No longer lights up.

Shiftry Pokemon Block: SOLD!

Pelipper Pokemon Block: SOLD!


Movie Darkrai Zukan: SOLD!

Suicune Zukan: SOLD!

Phione/Manaphy Zukan: SOLD!

Standing Lucario Zukan: SOLD!

Movie Dialga Zukan: SOLD!
Please Note: Is missing clear Ash figure.

Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree Zukan: $20.00

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