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Umbreon Jakks + Random Collection Update?

Well, i discovered some PokeMerch at one of ours stores when I went shopping [They rarely ever restock pokegoods =w=;;] and found two items that were of interest. I was thinking of  going to pick them up if any members were interested :3 
I'll just see if anyone is interested in an Umbreon Jakks as I have confirmed that the Chikorita figure is extremely common =u=;

[And before you ask, yes I was granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo]

[I also have stuff like cards and random figures and possibly some plush I need to get rid of, but I'll do a proper sales post for those later :3]

The widely popular, Umbreon Jakks! It's in a tub set with totodile, cleffa [mispainted, her mouth is missing color], and Ho-Oh. Is anyone interested in him? :3

Collection Update:

Also, In order to make this post less boring. I decided to do a little collection update. My collection has become a whole lot fatter after joining this community! x3

Sneasel/Weavile Love [Most expensive = Sneasel Johto charm, hardest to find = Zukans]

I purchased the Sneasel Papercraft, Weavile Whistle, Weavile Magnet, Two Weavile Kids, One Sneasel Kid, the Weavile Bottlecap, and my two lost Weavile and Sneasel stickers from the community! ~o~ [Everything else I bought online somewhere x3]

And here's a better shot of that Sneasel shirt that my awesome friend from Japan got me, she sent me that Weavile Pan sticker, and PokemonTime Sneasel notepad too

My boyfriend lost my Sneasel/Weavile gum stickers. OrZ

And I'm waiting for a few more things in the mail like my Sneasel flat~ Stuff that's not pictured [as my boyfriend is a lazy bum and doesn't take updated pics unless I bother him :T] include:
Sneasel V-Trainer
Weavile Branpresto plush
Weavile Tomy Plush
Sneasel Jakks Plush Second release [The one with it's arms crossed, whatever you call it XD;]
Weavile Magnet Figure

[Probably a few other things I forgot, as I'm a little ditzy xD;]

Welp, I hope that my super lame post didn't bore you guys too much! haha If you have any questions about any of the items in my collection, feel free to ask! :3c

[P.S. Do I owe anyone money? Lost my internet for a few days and went out of town >nO;]
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