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multipurpose post!!!

okay so I'm kinda poor right this second but I found something on Y!J I wanna GA maybe. But I am trying to figure some things out... if you know anything about the product in this picture or are interested in co-hosting check under the cut

okay so there's marill hair clips or something in this. there are 5 boxes, and I think it's 1 item a box. But the boxes are pretty big, so the items must be big? Or is there more than 1 thing in each box?? Does anyone know anything about these at all!?!? I found this site here and it kinda helps, but I'm just unsure if what I think is in each box is actually what's in there XD

EDIT think I figured it out! Found a pic here showing the Marills. seems like it's just a big box per item!

And would anyone be interested in co-hosting? :> Primarily for shipping. Just let me know ;D
think we got this under control now 8D

Also, we won this GA:

Just to let you guys know! I'll comment you all when I get the invoice!

And this poster... do you want it?

I own this poster and don't really want it anymore cause it's so HUGE. But I got a box from the post office it'll fit in and they told me it'd be at least $14 to ship!!! (I got a poster box so I can roll it up in it, like a tube, but it's expensive because it's long and Canadian shipping) So I don't want to try to sell it because it'd be so expensive to ship :C But would someone be interested in trading for it? Maybe you got something you are willing to trade for it?

and that's all from me for right now! I have received tons of items in the mail, but I'm too lazy to post right now. omg lazinesssssssss it overpowers me soooooo. I'll take pictures of all my goodies next week sometime to share with you all.

until next time, keep on collecting everyone~
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