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Offers, Auctions and Sales

Hey all! =D So, having just bought a house (and a rather expensive grail item lol), I've found myself rather broke. As a result I've got some stuff up for sales, auctions and offers including the rare Mewtwo reversible plush, some Pokemon Center Eeveelution washcloths and a random Suicune that I have no idea what it is X3

Terms and Conditions

- Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011 ^v^ Feedback is here.
- I ship from the UK to anywhere.
- Payments by Paypal only in USD please.
- Backing out on an offer, sniping, or otherwise breaking community rules will not be accepted. Similarly I won't sell to pkmncollectors banned members. Please make sure you've read the community rules before committing to buy :3
- I will hold items for up to 48 hours, and if payment's not received by then the item/s will go back on sale unless we've agreed otherwise beforehand.
- I am not responsible for any items lost or damaged in the mail, sorry ;( Insurance and tracking is available at additional cost however if you ask for it.
- Items come from a dog friendly home ^^
*Mew kid is not for sale, she's there purely as a size reference ;3


- Offers are closed!

Mewtwo Reversible Plush (High Offer - $100)
Plush is in perfect condition, no visible stains and the zipper works perfectly. There are a few tiny hairline scratches on his right eye that are only visible on very close inspection but no rubs or fading. Larger front view. Bear in mind how rare he is and his condition when making offers please, I am attached to him but could use the funds and do feel he would be better off with a specialist collector ^v^


- Auctions are closed!

Eevee/Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon washcloth - BIN'ed!

Eevee/Glaceon/Leafeon washcloth - BIN'ed!

Raichu roller stamp - Starts at $5
(Ink is purple, even though it looks kind of blue here X3)

UK exclusive 'rock em, sock em' Mewtwo figure - Starts at $5
Energy swirl is detachable (as seen here) & arms are poseable.

Suicune Mystery Figure - Starts at $5
Other pics - side and butt. *EDIT!* It's the Ichiban Kuji keychain minus the keychain part ^v^ Thanks happyjolteon for the ID! =D

Straight Sales

Swinub/Piloswine zukan - $4
MIP - bag only partially opened to remove Delibird

Magikarp roller stamp - Sold
Slowpoke roller stamp - Sold
Seel roller stamp - $4
Horsea roller stamp - Sold
Goldeen roller stamp - $2
Green & yellow stamp cases - free on request when you buy one or more stamps ^v^
MIP Magikarp/Horsea/Seel roller stamp set - $10 (forgot to photograph, will put up in a bit X3)

Bulbasaur roller stamp - Sold
Charmander roller stamp - Sold
Pikachu roller stamp - Sold
Chansey roller stamp - Sold
Poliwhirl roller stamp - Sold

Lucario DX Kid - $4
Sceptile DX Kid - $3
Pikachu (Ichiban Kuji keychain minus the chain?) - $3
Scyther Kid - $2
Hitmonchan Kid - $1

Chibi Cyndaquil - Sold
Chibi Palkia - $1
Chibi Heatran - Sold
Chibi Bronzong - Sold
Tiny squishy Elekid - $2

Clear Pikachu Tomy - Sold
Typhlosion Tomy - Sold
Lickitung zukan piece - Sold
Dialga Tomy - left one (pearly anniversary version) is $3, right one is $0.50 (and a bit scuffed)
Darkrai Tomy - $1
Steelix Tomy - $1
Spiritomb Tomy - $1
Spiritomb zukan piece - $1
Buneary Tomy – $1
Charizard Tomy (wings are scuffed on the back) – $1
Blastoise Tomy (missing one of his claws) – $0.50

Pikachu old Tomys - Sold
Old Clefairy Tomy - Sold
Old Clefable Tomy - $1
Psyduck Tomy - Sold
MIP Banpresto figures (larger views here - Lickitung, Kadabra, Primeape) - $1 each (Lickitung is Sold)

In case figures -
Slowpoke, Magikarp - $5 each
Squirtle, Seel - $3 each
Horsea - $2
Goldeen - $1
Ditto - Sold

Pikachu candy lid - Sold
Giratina preorder (missing one arm :C) - $2.50
Regigas... thing - Sold
Regirock Silver Chou - $0.50

Charmander candy dispendser - $5
Blastoise candy dispenser - $5

Charmander reversible plush (zip sticks a little, otherwise fine ^^) - Sold

Will have a collection update soon anywho ~ I keep putting it off due to waiting on more parcels but most have arrived now so will have lots of Mew's, Mewtwo's, Chillarmy's, Eeveelutions and Legendary Beasts to show you all soon! :3
Tags: blastoise, blissey, bronzong, bulbasaur, buneary, chansey, charizard, charmander, clefable, clefairy, cyndaquil, darkrai, dialga, ditto, donphan, eevee, elekid, entei, flareon, giratina, glaceon, goldeen, granbull, happiny, heatran, hitmonchan, ho-oh, horsea, jolteon, kadabra, leafeon, lickitung, mew, mewtwo, pachirisu, palkia, pichu, pikachu, piloswine, poliwhirl, primeape, psyduck, raichu, raikou, regigigas, regirock, sceptile, scyther, seel, slowpoke, smoochum, sneasel, snubbull, spiritomb, steelix, suicune, swinub, typhlosion, vaporeon, zoroark
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