cardwhale (cardwhale) wrote in pkmncollectors,

yayayayay thank you pokemon collectors!!!

YAYAYAY. Omg I'm so stoked. I just got this e-mail.

Dear PayPal Member,

Congratulations! You were selected as a Second Prize Winner in the PayPal Advantage "Send Money" Sweepstakes. The prize is a 2GB Apple iPod Shuffle and it will be shipped by UPS to the address registered to your PayPal account. Please expect delivery within 2-4 weeks.

I NEVER win anything so this was a big surprise haha. I got confirmation that this e-mail is real so YAY. AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU. For like a month, any money you send is a ticket in the contest. I only sent money to you guys for my wonderful Pokemon collection. A few were from Ebay, but some were group auctions for this comm too! SO THANK YOOOUUUUUUU. I could have been happy 10 1st prize ipad winner or the grand prize of the macbook, BUT SECOND PLACE IS GOOD TOO. As the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers haha. I'm hoping to trade this iPod for some dericious pogeyman stuff! WHEE.

Got some lovely packages in the mail. And to everyone who is asking for feedback, you're not forgotten! I will go through and leave them today <33333 I can't wait to see my stuff in some of your collection updates :D

Here is my most favorite get of all. Buildable Scyther figure. OMG he is like the best looking figure EVER... I love that green colour they chose for him.

Next up is the standee I commissioned. This is by the amazing fizzycat. I can't stop going on and on about how much I love this. ESPECIALLY CILAN. Omg he is sooo well drawn AND GOOD LOOKING. xD I'm only saying this cause Cilan is my favorite character of all time. LOVE THE STANDEE THANK YOU.

Then my Search For Red Gyarados towel. Omg I got it to use it, but then.. When I actually held it in my hands I was like OMG WTF. xD I  DON'T WANT TO GET THIS DIRTY... OMG HOW CAN I USE IT? 

So on my wall it goes LOL!

Lastly are plushies <3 Super cute Glameow. I saw a plush EXACTLY like this almost at some Asian stores. It was of a grey cat that wasn't Pokemon. I really wanted it but could not bring myself to display something that wasn't Pokemon/anything I knew/liked lol :( So I was really glad when i saw this Glameow! And then it's Cyndaquil from the GA that everyone wants haha. SO CUTE.

OH AND FUN FUN. I am really excited about this too. At the pet site I work for, we are finally making a plush to be sold after the Kumos. xD

Whee Can't wait to buy that too. xD

LOOKING FOR COMMISSIONEES? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER. I am looking for someone to make Shiny Azumarill and Shiny Magneton. If you give me a price quote, I'll let you know. :D I would like the plush to be about 10-12 inches. Thank you!

And here are my obligatory Wants List! These are the last few items I need before I call my collection complete *sigh*

Pinsir zukan
Spheal Pokedoll
Wailord DX Pokedoll

Again, thank you everyone! I just love this community. I will do an introduction post after I get all my commissioned plushies! I can't wait!
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