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NEW BW Water Bottle/MultiPost!

So today I have loooooots to put in this post! I have brand-new gets, Reshiram & Zekrom Styluses for sale A BRAND NEW water bottle from Toys R Us that I haven't seen posted yet! Annnnnd I still have Two Banpresto Snivy's for sale also! and Talking Jakks Pikachu and Buneary for auction! They have no bids, so go ahead and get yours in!
Pleeeeeeease help me raise the little money I need to buy one of my mini-grails! One sale should be good enough!

My normal sales:

Pikachu/Buneary Auction:

Rules first! If you are going to only read one of these, read the first one.
*I can't ship these internationally! Sorry! D:
*Paypal only! NO ECHECKS, sorry!
*Shipping is INCLUDED in the price but extra fees are not!
*If you don't pay, you get a negative feedback!
*I will hold my direct sale items for 24 hours! After that, they go back up for sale!

Brand New/Never Used Reshiram and Zekrom Styluses:

$5 each

Large Banpresto Snivy(No hang tag Approx. 12" Tall): $25
Small Banpresto Snivy(No hang tag Approx 7" Tall): $15

That's the end of my tiny sales!
So I went to Toys R Us earlier and I saw something I've never seen before! Pokemon Water Bottles!

It has the new starters on the front! It was only like $7 too!
More Angles:

I've been looking everywhere for a Pokemon water bottle but was never able to find one I liked. Thanks random company whose name I don't remember! It's BPA free and holds a decent amount of water. :D
I was also very happy to see that they had a whole set of the new Jakks plush! I only got another Zorua. Unlike my other one, which had many factory errors, this one is good!

My Factory Derp Zorua:

The mouth isn't sewn on and he had a piece of plastic stuck in his hip that poked me when I bought him. Comparing him to my new one, I also noticed his ears are lower and farther back than my new one.

My new Zorua:

I have finally gotten all of the foam pokeballs from the newest set! (I think) :D
Here is my newest one:

So I've been pretty down and out lately. =_=; The way it was described to me is pretty much me having a mid-life crisis at 16. So my mom and I went up to a store that sells anime merch and she bought me a big DX Skymin figure to cheer me up. I hear it's hard to find one MIB for under $30, so when I saw this one for $20, I was glad to get it.
His ears were SO hard to put on!

If I lived near that store, I would totally do runs. They have merchandise promo posters, Lucario and Giratina DX figures and some plush! I might do one someday.

New charms from hazuza!

I totally love them! They're ultra-cute! They let me have Plusle and Minun for free! I was planning on giving Minun to my boyfriend but we're having issues right now... so I'll probably end up keeping it. @_@

Pins from Usakochan! Totally cute! I need more Poke-pins in my life. :x

And the best for last!

New Fukuoka mascot charms! So adorable! I'm aiming to get the Oshawott mascot plush next if I'm ever able to raise the money for it. I'm tempted to get the Osaka mascot set too because of these.

Anyway, that's it's for this post. I have no idea when I'll update next since this was pretty much everything I plan on getting(Unless I'm able to snag my mini-grail.) Have a good day everyone~
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