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Collection Update!!! +Showing off my new 3DS! + a comic

Bad evening, nobody.

I've just come to post pictures of all my new stuff! Thanks to everybody who mailed them out! I hope my positive feedback made your day.

(Drag the pictures to your address bar for a much closer look)

I usually don't collect novelties...but it felt like a good time to do it then. And I did remove those two from their vinyl prison a few days later, I just couldn't stand seeing them trapped.

Also I love how you guys include non-Pokemon merch in your sales, I just do. So keep at it.

I should note that one tall digimon was found at a swap meet, something I've been searching years for. And I know a walk-in store that sells Tomy's as well, but it's not near the house ;_;

I got a 3DS! It wasn't 3D before, but look! Now they pop right out of the screen! EEEEEEEE!!!

Special thanks to:
Jessica, Benjamin, Rebecca, Carissa, Sarah, Yvette, and Katherine. If only my Inbox wasn't so jumbled I wouldve put your account names down instead, sorry. Also there are two items not pictured because I didn't change my default address to my current one during a transaction, fortunately they're safe and just as well because that's the address I keep all my buys anyway.

Also...I also too also want to thank Danielle as well for not only raising funds for Japan's earthquake/tsunami victims, but also for sending me my first piece of Generation V merchandise. Something I called "an Oshawott for charity." And I love it so much, that I decided to make a comic about it below. The comic is only barely Pokemon toy-related so I'll just post a link so won't take up loading time or end up off-.

Thank you. And Merry Christmas.
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