royalballoon (royalballoon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Breloom items wanted!

 I was thinking about starting a little Breloom collection, guys! So I was just wondering if anyone had nicely priced Breloom figures, charms, and etc. they could part with. Or know where I can get some! And I'm on a budget so nothing big please ^^.

And I'll be coming to you with another plushie collection update soon! I've got a lot coming in the mail @_@ 


OH! And does anyone know how much this guy would be worth?:

It's a jumbo Latios plush, 17'. he's a bootie but simply too amazing.  I really adore him but I'm thinking of selling him once I get sales permission, or trading him for a custom/plush of equal value. Here are some other shots:

Tags: breloom, latios
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