Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Art auction reminder

Just wanted to let you know my auction ends in a lil less than two hours. I will be gone though so if you want to bid please be kind and bid to the highest person so they get notified. Also Im willing to take two more commissions of this type (1-3 pokemon is 25 colored, with a back drop is 30)


Thanks guys :D

While your at it if you could take a look at my friend's Zukan auction she's got the whole set of DP06 up on auction. So if you ever wanted Dialga, or Cressilia, or anyone from DP set 6 nows the time to bid :D Hers goes on for a bit though


ALSO Miss FU chan (I think thats your User name) I got my Raikou Zukan thank you! In an odd turn out of events (thats not your fault at all it was sealed) he had no paw ^^; its not horridly noticable but eh. I checked every single packet and everything. but its okay. Im just happy he's here ((has this happened to anyone else??))

Thats all~
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