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Seel Tour Guide

Questions, Collection Update and Thanks


If you collect the cards and use sleeves to protect the cards, could you tell me how much clear sleeves cost at your local store? If it is a chain store, please include the name of the store if you don't mind. Also, is UltraPro really the best brand? Sorry, they don't offer comparison shopping courses at my uni... or do they? XD

Alright, so this post isn't completely off-topic, I have listed more items I found/bought for my 'collection'.

Miniature Baking Set
Okay, so my question isn't an original one - is it real or not? I remember getting these individually in boxes- well made boxes too, so I'm hoping they are real. However, I figured that I might as well ask the experts- you guys- for your opinions. In case you can't see in the photo (sorry, took with a horrible camera with only 1.2 megapixels) each item has the Pokemon's 'Japanese name' (i.e. Chansey is called Lucky). If someone could find a list of the whole set (regardless of whether it is fake or not) that would be awesome as well. XD


I think practically everyone has at least one of these in their possessions, if not of Squirtle, then one of the other hundreds of pocket monsters out there.


Thanks, taycs!

Thanks, pacificpikachu!

Again thank you taycs and pacificpikachu; if you have a feedback post, please tell me. If I have bought something from you, you may opt to leave me feedback (here...) Thanks!.
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