larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quick question + corsola wants

hi! sorry to be posting again so soon, but i had this nagging question that i couldn't answer by sifting through months worth of entries here so i'm just gonna ask here: did somebody post a wants post for the magikarp sub (pictured) sometime back? i could have sworn i saw one, but i just can't find that post! also, is anybody (else) interested in either item? i think i saw a few people comment on wanting these in a few posts...

(apologies for my pig trying to claw his way to some kitten/fish chow, he's greedy like that. XD)

secondly, while i'm at it, i'm looking for a Corsola Pokedoll and all Corsola merch you have. does anybody have these to let go? hit me up with a comment if you do! =) I currently only have the Kid and TFG figure (plus the zukan coming on the way), and would really like some nice non-flats (or uncommon flats that aren't TCGs)!

Tags: corsola, magikarp, meowth
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