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Through the Fire(tails) and Flame(quill)s

I'm not very good with words or introductions so while I've been pretty active commenting and participating in the comm, I never really...got around to introducing myself. I am an old fart when it comes to Pokemon (at least--I feel like one!) so this post is going to be full of suffocating nostalgia. Just a fair warning!

I'm warking_chocobo and if that doesn't explain things, I'm something (ha!) of a video game nerd. You may have come to know me as 'that user who keeps asking about Cyndaquils' :X I guess you could say I'm revisiting my childhood by indulging in all the (now retro) video games that I never got to play as a kid.

I owe it in part to a game that has stuck with me for--god, has it really been fourteen years now?!--and continues to stay with me today:

It's funny because I never watched the first Pokemon episode until many many years later and yet those 12 seconds say so much about how I was drawn into the world of Pokemon.

It was accidental, really: a classmate had finished Pokemon Blue and lent it to me "until I finished the game". One week became three and three weeks became a month and it soon became apparent to my parents that I wasn't about to let go of the game anytime soon! Reluctantly, they tracked down a copy of Pokemon Blue--which must have been a task of epic proportions as Pokemania had hit and hit HARD--which I still have today even though it no longer works. Pokemon Blue was my first taste of an RPG game and more serious gaming and has given birth to the mad gaming nerd that I am today: from Pokemon Blue to Digimon World, Monster Rancher, and yes, CHOCOBOS! But you didn't come here to read about those, so back to Pokemon!

I lost interest in Pokemon round about when Gen 3 and 4 came out and as a result never picked up RSE or DPP. I was also older than most kids when Pokemania hit and so while my younger brother had many more years where it was acceptable to be a Pokemaniac, when GSC hit North America I was old enough that it was common to hear my peers sneering "Pokemon? Really? You PLAY that shit?" It was also next to impossible to find organized play, so that nixxed any plans to seriously play cards. So I grew up and moved on and left Pokemon mostly behind as a guilty pleasure to be indulged in whenever in the company of younger siblings and relatives.

What really got me back into playing Pokemon was HGSS--the best remake (okay, there have only been two) of the Pokemon games I've seen. After all those years, I could finally take my Pokemon with me everywhere in the real world--granted, in a Pokewalker, but they weren't confined to my game cart anymore. I'm still not done playing the game! I've taken the plunge into the Isshu/Unova Region but every once and a while, I slip my Soulsilver cart back in my DS and run around.

I've had several favorites--old and new--mostly from the 1st and 2nd Generation that I grew up with, but with random ones popping up from 3rd and 4th. I have a natural attraction to the fire-types, so it's no surprise that fire types like Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour and Entei are amongst my favorites. Out of all of them, the Pokemon I felt a strong affinity to is the Char line.

Ash's Char was hands-down my favorite character from the series. There was something about them that I related to. I had a hard time growing up and had little self-confidence, so seeing Charmander grow from an unwanted Pokemon whose life was threatened by a bad rainstorm to a Charizard who spent a night submerged in a lake to prove himself worthy of joining the Charcific Valley encouraged me to believe in myself. He was loyal, he had attitude, and he wouldn't listen to orders if he thought they weren't worth his time of day--something I admired as I had been taught from a young age to 'keep your head down and do as you're told' without question. He was strong and played the tough guy, but he wasn't invincible by any means and he was always trying to become stronger and be better.


The Cyndaquil line is next on my list of top favorites. It's harder to explain why I like him, but in short he's the starter who greeted me when I revisited Pokemon and like Charmander, he starts small but grows up to be a force to be reckoned with.

I didn't collect much Pokemon stuff outside of the games and TCG--all from my youth--but since picking up HGSS I've started collecting and seriously collecting Pokemon things. I collect Pokemon that have travelled and battled with me in the games--big ones, small ones, strong ones, speedy ones! I'm currently TRYING to reign myself in and collect mainly TOMY figures and kids, but there's just so much awesome Pokemon stuff that I'm having a hard time saying NO to some of the things I come across!

Things that I'm currently looking out for are currently things that have eluded me as a younger Pokemon fan. None of them are considered 'grails' in the regular sense as they're not THAT hard to find, really, I'm just...picky, I suppose.

Like a lot of kids I spent YEARS lusting after the Base Set Charizard, but never had the luck of pulling him from a booster pack and I did NOT have $100+ dollars to spend on him. The Ancient Mew is more of a tribute to the era of Pokemon I came from and reminds me of all the hairbrained rumors flying around about moving that truck on the pier with the S.S.Anne to catch Mew in Red and Blue. Silly, I know, but that's just me XD

You've seen some of my old and new collections in the previous pictures and there will be more to come, but to wrap this post up, I thought I'd leave you all with this:


Nice to meet all of you and I hope to share more Pokemon in the future!
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