Raika (solastyre) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Something Interesting?

I know there are a lot of Ninetales fans out there, so...

Isn't it great? I'm in something called "Forensics," which is really just competitive speaking. I was in the category Storytelling this year! In middle school, I did Poetry, and Solo Humorous for the following 2 years (I placed 1st in the state in 7th grade ^.^) Are any of you familiar with it?
Well, this year was the 9th consecutive Greater Metro Conference win for our high school team (which is huge and formidable, may I add). And they chose NINETALES as the feature for these papers we put on our lockers! (for the 5th year it was a hand, and for the 6th it was the same hand but with an extra finger, so I've heard)

I'm putting this one in my room!
Not exactly collection related, but it's a flat, I guess?
Tags: ninetales
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