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Sales update

Hi again everyone. ^-^

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

I wanted to post a link to my updated sales page... I have a variety of new cards added, some Jakks Eeveelution figures (including Umbreon), and I've separated the games and bonuses from the bundles I had up earlier in case you're interested in the extra items specifically. Note that the games themselves (I have one of each version available) are now $35.00 shipped priority in the US so you'll still have the opportunity to download a Liberty Ticket and get Victini if you buy one today (or tomorrow before 3 PM Eastern time). A few of the older cards didn't sell and there are still six art folio images up for grabs at a straight sale price of $1.00 a piece. Thanks again for looking!

Sales page located here~

If you received an item I shipped out last week and are looking for feedback, let me know!

To make this post not-so-boring, allow me to draw your attention to first4figures' twitter: Located here
I don't recall this being posted anywhere in the comm at the time but they asked "Which are your favorite Pokemon?" on March 27. In case you're not familiar with them they are the studio behind some fantastic (and justifiably expensive) Metroid, Sonic, and Zelda figures. (Among a few other series.) Check them out here!

Which Pokemon would you guys be interested in seeing made into large figures?
don't all answer exeggcute at once

It's a mixture of Mario and Pokemon at the moment... I'll separate them eventually. ^^;

Small collection right now, but it's increasing!

Each plush or group of plush comes attached with lovely memories. The starters, Jakks Togekiss (from an anime shop), and Pikachu were picked up at the Georgia B/W tour (still need to upload those photos!!1), and I bought Minccino, Emolga, and Munna from the Pokemon Center in NYC. I visited with a friend at the time and he bought me my Munna and one for himself, so this Munna's a twin. ^-^

Teddiursa may or may not become a permanent member of the group depending on whether someone buys him from my sales page. XD

I have a Carnivine, too, but you'll have to excuse him - he's off hunting flies at the moment.

I'm working on shroom collection shots but my room is a dungeon and I'm having trouble with the lack of natural light. x_x Luckily we're supposed to have lovely weather in the next few days so I'll take some time to grab photos of the little guys out in their natural habitat. ^-^

So my collection interests went from Wooper and Quagsire and Eeveelutions to something entirely different - Unova starters, grass types, and mushroom pokemon. I have plenty of flats and miscellanous figures of those guys so they'll be photographed soon as well.
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