Hand over my heart, gun to my head. (darkfaeprincess) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Multipurpose Post

The first part of this post pertains to anyone who bid in this GA


korth  has given us our shipping quote, and so now we have totals too!

Totals are here. Please send your payments to Korthie @ gmail.com

Be sure to include your username in the memo.

Please update the spreadsheet after you paid. Please be sure to include your country and/or zip code in the appropriate box so that hebilea   can easily figure out your shipping totals once your items get there.

Now the second part of this post pertains to everyone!

roxiexcore  and I bring you a GB! This was going to be a GA, but we decided to go ahead and BIN to guarantee that we get it. What this means is that you should be prepared to pay ASAP! because the BIN has already happened and it would be great to be able to pay fast so we can get this stuff on the way to us from Japan.

Anything that isn't crossed out in the first picture is able to be claimed so lets do this. :D

Each plush will be $4.70 AFTER the first shipping payment regardless of the size.

Get your claims in fast. :D Please correct me if I have any names wrong. I'm horrible with Pokemon that I don't really know.

The list:

Tags: group auction
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