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Who's that Pokemon?

It's Eevee!

Ok, random post, but I was very happy to get that in the mail so I wanted to share it. :D

I actually have a giant Party Piplup as well. but he's large and currently packed away. Hopefully I'll be able to aquire a few more of my favorite Pokepals as time goes on. My main interest in the franchise is the games (of which I have a LOT of them), but I really do love the plushies. ♥

I also wanted to show my little side project: Pokemon scarves. I posted my Dratini prototype a while back. After a few months and several more rough drafts, I made a few scarves and brought them with me to a local anime convention to sell. I am happy to report that they all found new homes! In addition to Dratini, I made Haunter, Umbreon and Jolteon. :D We're doing artist alley at another convention this September, so I'm hoping to do some new Poke-products, too. (Something other than scarves or hat or hat-scarves. I'll post here when I get my prototype worked out.)

Thanks for reading!
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