Julie. (li_kichi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update~ :>

hello again~ :>
i have to say i really love community <3. so many nice people and so much awesome things to buy ... although its bad for my wallet lol :d
anyways i think ive bought enough things for a collection update now. im still waiting on a few things to arrive as well, but i will save them for future posts :>

o and here are new foamies i made for  darkangellilith btw (i hope she likes them :>)

i got these at launch from TRU but never got around to posting them. i love the collectors guide :> its so pretty (i got it from amazon btw lol)

bought this because i wanted to see all the 4 koma comics lol

the comics are so funny and cute :3. i didnt realize how small the book actually was lol had a hard time finding it

i love japanese magazines and all the freebies that come with them *O* japanese children are so lucky

i got this because i wanted what was on the box lol

it came with these cards with nice illustrations and a notebook? and stickers + other stuff too but ill only post the pokemon related stuff

it also came with this awesome bag *O* this is the front of the bag

this is the back of the bag

and if you unzip it, it becomes a mat! lol i dont wanna sit on it though since its so nice :>

i also got this magazine for the free stuff in the box as well lol

it came with some stickers inside. i love inazuma eleven btw lol

this book was in the box along with an evolution chart on a nice plastic sheet

i got it mostly for the pictures since i need reference to draw at conventions lol :> its really nice and has all the gen 5 artwork in it

also got myself a jakks zorua lol now i have a trio

and here is all the stuff i got from the community :> i love you guys

i got the drifblim jakks from wishuponjirachi , the kids from larvitarscar , the folio from puyro  and extra folio cards from zeldana 

stickers and flats from dewott . i gave a snivy sticker to my sister and she put it on her dsi

i got this bag from so_nerdy . i think its the bag you got when you bought the games at the nintendo world store

last but not least a gengar shirt from f4y3 's epcot run :> its so awesome i cant wait to wear it lol

the back has spikes

thanks for looking~ :>
i always look forward to seeing everyone's collections as well :)
Tags: collection, gen5
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