gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

done! (almost)

so today i finally finished sending out all the packages! (i don't need to post a pic right?)

see i still got a few people who haven't paid, and i'm also pretty sure i dun goffed somebody's package and so on...

so if you're wondering if you owe something or if you want to see if you got your stuff sent out please look here!

spiralgenerator: paypal is being weird and i can't see you shipping address so if you could send that to me that would be great! if not i'll PM you later this week

fizzycat: since your item wasn't included in the GA i could offer you a refund or you can pick something out from my upcoming sales post free of charge (it has to be something around the same value...). i'll go ahead and PM you to if i don't get a reply.

in other news!
i'm going to make a collection update soon (few years late)! and i will be opening up my permanent sales post soon as well! so keep an eye out for that =D
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