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Jakks Distribution Info + Plush Group Buys! Bought! Receipt Picture in Post

Hey guys! I had recently emailed a Jakks representative with the usual comments and questions, and when asking her about the fact that NOBODY gets distributed to, she referred me to a few sites I had heard of, and some I had never heard of at all. One in particular is selling the first series of the Black/White plush for a VERY reasonable price of $11 each after shipping to me. (This does not include shipping to you, but in-US should be $3 for one, no more)

PRICING EDIT: With the number we ordered, the price for them to get to me was $10.39 with Paypal fees included.
I cannot stick to the <$3 shipping claim anymore, due to the postal service upping the prices from $1.22 to $1.71 at 1 oz for US shipping. For one plush inside the US, the price will be $3.26 shipping, which includes your bubble mailer, USPS cost, and Paypal fees. Not a huge increase, but it is not still under $3.
EDIT 5/3 - No luck as far as stock goes at the company. I'll make a post when they DO get them in, however. If the end of may comes and they push it to June, I'm canceling the order and refunding everyone.


Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your order and the e-mail.  At this time we are simply waiting for Jakks Pacific, the manufacturer, to stock us with the merchandise.  Manufacturers are not able to provide exact dates due to all of the variables involved in the overseas production of these items, and their subsequent delivery to us here in the US.  They are listing this as an "as soon as possible" item, the most up to date delivery information set for sometime during the month of May.  We hope that we will be able to ship the merchandise out as soon as it is available, however this is up to the speed of Jakks' delivery process.  And as always, all delivery timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the manufacturer.


This information is available on the website, as well as within your personal online client account area.


Thank you for giving us the chance to serve your needs.  Please let us know if you have any further questions, or if there’s anything else we can do to help you.



Edward Haller

Client Services

Department Manager


1-818-255-0090 Ext. 114

1-818-255-0091 (Fax)


If we manage to get at least one claim per plush, I'll go ahead an buy a box. The site says that they are still pre-orders and ship sometime in April, so we may even need to wait til the first week in May for these. I doubt it, but I want that out there as a warning.
I will be taking multiple claims. If at least 2 people want the same plush, I'll buy as many boxes as I can until we can't get any more claims for a full set. I love you guys, but I will not be housing extras just to fill a box order.
Speaking of multiple claims, due to shipping, if we manage to buy two boxes, the price is knocked down to 10.40, and so on and so forth. After 2 it seems to hover around 10.40-.50, including paypal's fees from you to me, so it's really not anything to get your panties in a bunch with.
These prices I am quoting DO include a paypal fee, so that will not be sprung on you last minute.

I will probably stop at 3 boxes unless I get an overwhelming amount of requests by around midnight EST. Much more seems a bit like overkill to me, and the starters seem to be the only HOT sellers in the bunch.


- Roxiired,  Eternal_Rena,  Shadoweon, OPEN
Tepig - Minnakek,  Larvitarscar,  SkittyKittyKat
Snivy - Chaos_21,  Dinictis,  Soulsilver_iv,  Shadoweon
Munna - Me, Berugii, Skittykittykat, OPEN
Sandile - Fandramon,  Scarsofsunlight,  Aburamechan, clairefable
Pidove - Minnakek, Little_Ledyba,  Shadoweon,  No_Pizzazz

Tags: gen5, jakks, munna, oshawott, pidove, plush, sandile, snivy, tepig
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